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STAR GATE Controlled Remote Viewing
Remote viewing can be defined as the ability to perceive information, events or people from a far off location. Since details concerning the site's mission in general, 5 and evaluation of the remote viewing test in particular, remain highly classified to this day, all that can be said is that interest in the client community was heightened considerably following this exercise.

Beginning with simple exercises and then moving on to more complex ones will help you begin to truly believe in your abilities, which will make it much easier to do more advanced remote viewing exercises as you progress. Keep your scribbles in a safe place for the next time you want to remote view.

There is a tendency in remote viewing to become obsessive about a particular technique to the point where the larger context is lost. For those who have no idea what Remote Viewing is, it ‘is the controlled use of ESP (extrasensory perception) through a specific method.

You will learn an overview of the method, the foundations for your own practice, and take the first steps toward awakening your extraordinary potential. This newly discovered skill, Remote Viewing; quickly produced high levels of accuracy far greater than the program originally expected; therefore, was utilized for real-life military operations.

I would recommend this program to anyone serious about learning how to become a remote viewer and to those that want to learn to work with the abilities they already have. A classic early SRI outbound" remote viewing and target. Ingo Swann , the psychic who in part developed CRV, described it as in developing controlled remote viewing, we are not teaching psychical abilities, we are teaching how to understand perception".

A Remote Viewing session begins with a cue" or question that defines the data you are seeking. Each time one re-enters Chakmah consciousness, one gets deeper and deeper into the experience. One of the large blocks making up the underwater ruins of the Lighthouse of Pharos, just as described by the remote viewers before we got to Egypt.